Where are the Nigerian Youth

We have over millions of youth in this country and almost half of them have access to the internet, how many of them do make use of their talents postively online, how many youth so far has contributed a single topic to this network called CNY?

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Alot of Nigerians like to live in mediocrity,especially the nigerian youth, they prefer to do things for fun, or get involve in an easy way of achieving things, most youth that have access to the internet would rather prefer to chat, play games, or look for ways to do dubious things(yahoo yahoo), i feel alot of them dont know what they have insideĀ  of them, thats why people like you and me have a serious work to do to educate them, we have to look for ways to help our fellow nigerians, on my blog http://nigerian-youth.blogspot.com i try as much as possible to visit every problem facing the nigerian youth. lets keep upĀ  the good work and make it more available for our audiences.thanks.

I want to believe thats its only a matter of Orientation...People Esp Nigerian Youths believe that all you can get on the internet are games,music etc...So we need to re-educate them that the Internet is also a good site for Networking.

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